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Sunday, August 19, 2012

5 essential differences between services and goods

You will find apparent distinctions between goods and services that are analyzed based on features of each. Listed below are five essential differences between services and goods.

1. Goods are tangible but services are intangible. Goods are objects, which can be seen, felt, sensed easily. Services are performance which cannot be tasted, felt, touched.

2. The ownership rights of goods are transferable, there is however no ownership involved in services.

3. Goods possess their own standards & numerous goods are alike. When goods are produced, their level of quality remains even, however the quality of service differs each time (using the alteration of environmental conditions). Services are often produced by human beings therefore absolutely no two services will probably be same.

Essential differences between services and goods
Differences between services and goods
4. Goods might be perishable or even non-perishable, but they could probably be stored for an extended time. Services can’t be stored for an extended time and they are only perishable. Services as a process are perishable and time depended.

5. Service needs some level of interaction with the customer for it to be a service. The actual interaction might be short, however it should exist for the service to become complete. Goods besides are often stated in the facility separate from the customer.


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