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Saturday, August 4, 2012

Second MBA | A new rising trend of Double MBA

MBA is considered as the on of the popular and profitable career choice around the globe due to the variety of scope associated with it. Consequently, as a result of increasing level of completion in the market, Double Master in Business Administration (Double MBA) is the new rising trend that professional are selecting.

Double MBA is the revamped progress mantra for the new professionals. As per the recent surveys demonstrate that Double Master in Business Administration will be quickly becoming a popular profile since companies tend to be preferring applicants having double MBA.

Earlier, it was only required to examine your talents and skills to get into on of the leading B-Schools in the country and you are miles ahead in your career path. Corporate could queue outside the doorstep even before you authoritatively graduated. Consequently, as a result of increasing level of completion in the market, an MBA degree has stopped being sufficient to get a huge break for your career.

A management degree with no work experience would not allow getting you heaps of cash anymore. In particular, fresher’s who may have a MBA degree with respectable B-school in India yet don’t have any work experience are struggling to get their dream work.

A second MBA not only make CV look good but it also accelerates career giving you competitive advantage by adding value’s. Since most candidates enter into the B-School straight after being graduated and when they get into corporate they realize that practical application and decision making is a lot different things in real world from whatever they have been taught in the classrooms sessions. With work experience, they figure out that there are many areas needed to develop further. The second MBA gives the opportunity to focus on some of these disciplines to create more powerful business leader.

It is important to be selective in choosing institute for the second MBA. Largely, professionals opt to do their second Master of business administration through reputed international B-schools in the UK and USA. Few primary reasons for this rising trend are as follows:
  • Networking with people in the interest area
  • International exposure required for global prospect
  • Keeping up with trends and diciplines
  • Career Change into often unrelated fields
  • Keeping up with MBA’s from other institutes
  • Moving out from a stagnant pools of career

Indra K. Nooyi is the president and chief financial officer of PepsiCo., She received Masters of Business Administration from the Indian Institute of Management In India and Masters of Public and Private Management from Yale University.  
Article Source: Economic Times and The Pioneer

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