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Monday, September 17, 2012

Four Exclusive Characteristics of Service | Service Marketing

Services are said to have 4 special characteristics that has greater impact on service marketing:  The four characteristics are referred as key characteristics of service what makes services marketing so different. Brief about the exclusive characteristics of service.

1. Intangibility - Intangibility of services can cause lack of assurance and confidence on the part of the customers. So, it is very important for any company to show physical evidence of their service to customers. Intangibility associated with services can create absense of confidence on the part of the customers. Thus, it is quite noteworthy for almost any company to indicate physical proof of their aid to customers.

2. Inseparability - Services are created and also consumed at the same time, in contrast to goods which is firstly produced, put into stock, circulated through wholesalers and retailers and expended later. In the service offering, service provider becomes an integral part itself. Service provides is an inseparable part of the service offering.

Four Key Characteristics of Service3. Variability - Services are highly variable since it majorly depends upon who provides them, where, when and to whom . Every time service fluctuate and differs from the following delivery irrespective of same service provider offers a similar service and exact identical service requests by consumer. Thus, companies should try to offer standardize service to reduce the risk.

4. Perishability - Services are perishable as they can not be stored or inventoried. Services tend to be offered for a certain period of time, if the customer does not request or consume the service during the set time then the service cannot be stored and performed next time. Service cannot be inventoried therefore Perishability can be a problem when demand fluctuates.

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