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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Discover the 3 Keys to Success in Managing a Virtual Team

If you thought that the high-performing virtual teams are only managed, you are very wrong. You are not alone though, as many managers tend to forget that, besides good management, there are other things that should be incorporated for success to be achieved. You might wonder; What Are The Keys To Success in Managing A Virtual Team ? Well, have you thought about inspiring, motivating, connecting and rewarding your team after a job well done? If not, then it is a high time that you changed the mentality that envisions your virtual team as a bunch of guys that have to be ordered in order to deliver. Expecting success when your team is working under tight timeline with restricted resources at remote locations is like waiting for snow to fall in summer. In short, there is no need for you as a manager to act high and mighty for success to be achieved.

According to the Virtual Teams Survey Report of 2012, lack of clear leadership was identified as the major impediment for most virtual teams. The respondents of that survey further cited that, there was a great need for an improvement in the management process. This means that, as a manager, you are not only required to assume the role of a manager or director, but you should also be the coach and facilitator of your virtual team. If you haven’t witnessed any success after being a glorified manager for the longest time now, it is a high time you tried being a true team leader and you will be surprised at how far that newly-acquired down-to-earth attitude will take you.

Now that you are aware of the necessity of managing your virtual team in harmony, it is best that you come to understand the 3 keys to success in managing virtual teams. They are: -

1. Your mission must be clear and understandable

Before the teacher gives out homework, he/she must first introduce a topic to the faithful students, do some examples and elaborate the answers. As a manager, it is important for you to emulate this practice when introducing your goals to your virtual team. When allocating duties, you will not only have to state when and how the duties will be undertaken, but you will also have to explain why they need to be done. Your virtual team should first understand the relevance of embarking on any project. If they fail to understand the importance of the mission, they may not put in as much effort as needed, thus lead to poor results. This comes down to proper communication between you and your team. Without proper communication, it will be difficult for your instructions to be understood. Once you create a harmonious atmosphere, it will be easy for the members of your team to approach you with questions and it will be easy for things to be done in the right way.

2. Put your team’s interests first

There is always this great temptation that many leaders have, which is putting their interests first. For you to be a great leader, the reverse should apply. Your team’s interests should be put ahead of your own. You should always keep in mind that, every member of the team is valuable and without togetherness, the chances of being the best firm are next to nil. You remember the part that we agreed that it is vital for the team to be rewarded for a job well done? The team should clearly know what’s in for it, should it succeed on a mission. You should be the first to congratulate your team whenever it acquires success on any of the firm’s missions. Always keep in mind that motivation + rewards = high performance!

3. Emphasize on teamwork

One of the big mistakes that you can make is to let every member of the team to work individually on the same project. It wouldn’t be called a team if it was not meant to work together. Your team must connect in many levels and every member should feel valued. You should strive to link the team members who share common interests and encourage productive relationships.

You have to remember that, all members of your virtual team will look up to you as their role model. This means that, the manner in which you act and talk will have a big impact on the efficiency of your team. Once you manage to establish a harmonious working atmosphere, you will not only achieve great success, but you will also be a team leader of an energetic and highly productive virtual team.

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