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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

3 New Elements of Extended Service Marketing Mix

The 4P's namely product, price, place and promotion of service marketing mix overlap with 4P's involved in the traditional marketing mix, here in this article we will discuss about 3 new elements of the services marketing mix - people, process and physical evidence.
People: A key element to any service provision is the effective utilization of people. In service “People” represent the human assets of the firm, i.e. the employees. Employees of a service organization act as contact personnel with the customer. So, these resources should hold the needed specialized abilities, good interpersonal skills and positive attitudes that can become a key competitive advantage for the firm.

Process: Process in service refers to the system used to assist the organization in delivering the service. Service process is the way in which a service is delivered to the end customer. It is also a key element in the service marketing mix. A Service organization specifies precisely what should be the procedure for the service product in reaching the end customer before establishing any service.

Physical Evidence: It is an important element of the service marketing mix which allows the customer to create judgments about the organization. Physical evidence refers to physical environment, facilities & atmosphere in which service is delivered and customer interact. Physical evidence can support the marketing programme by providing adequate service to a customer and influencing his perception. The physical evidence of service consist all of the tangible representations of the service such as, brochures, leaflets, letterhead, business cards, report format, signage, equipment, etc.

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