Project Report on Reliance Retail Marketing Strategy -

Friday, November 30, 2012

Project Report on Reliance Retail Marketing Strategy

This project focus marketing strategy adopted by reliance retail. This project report of marketing strategy on reliance mart deal with the organizational structure of reliance mart and brief knowledge about organized retail in India. The primary objective of the project work is to study marketing strategy of Reliance Mart.
This project also aims at studying the promotional strategies, examining the challenges and future prospects and distribution strategies of Reliance mart This project also give exposure to the customer’s perception to the marketing strategies adopted by the Reliance mart.

The project report is divided into several parts; first part consists of Introduction to Reliance Retail. In which company profile has been included with brief introduction to reliance mart. Next part consists of retail sector in India. This also deals with growth of organized retail in India. Third part includes the marketing strategy used by reliance mart. It includes their profit maximization strategy and how to retain their customer and how to increase the no. of customer.


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