Thursday, December 27, 2012

Project Report on Risk Analysis & Portfolio Management

The aim of the study of risk analysis & portfolio management is to analyze the risk associated with investment in various securities, and thereby find out that how an ideal portfolio should be planned such that the investor gets the maximum return out of the investment made and fulfilling his liquidity requirement simultaneously. 

The Project Report on Risk Analysis & Portfolio Management focuses of being an exhaustive analysis of portfolio decisions of an investor the study would be carried out keeping the following objectives in mind. 

This study also aims at examining the concept of risk why does it arise and the various types of risks that are associated with investment along with analyzing various avenues of investment those are available to an investor. 
It also includes studying the various types of risk and return factors that are associated with each type of investment and thereby find out the role that each type of security plays in an investor’s portfolio and how individuals actually plan their portfolio, their preferences about different types of investment opportunities based on the collection of primary data. 

Lastly, analyze and find out that how an ideal portfolio can be planned for an individual that would give him adequate return without any hindrance to his liquidity requirements.