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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Few things MBA students need to know and do before they leave B-schools

MBA is a professional degree, however leaving 100 top B-schools now-days merely doing an MBA isn’t enough to get your dream job simply due to the fact that rest of the b-schools have very little to offer in terms of skills or expertise necessary to satisfy the industry expectation.

Today’s corporate world is extremely aggressive, challenging and dynamic therefore other essential skills are also required which every MBA student need to know and should be proficient enough before they leave b-schools to get into corporate. So to assist you to attain your career objectives, here are few tips for MBA students to focus on before they leave B-schools.

Develop your soft skills - As a fresh MBA student you need to concentrate on honing the communication skills and soft skills, since undoubtedly it plays crucial and also important role throughout professional life. It becomes necessarily essential from the campus recruitment viewpoint to have expertise in communication skills, presentation and soft skills. If any case you are lacking these essential skills, joining a finishing school to develop your personality, body language, inter-personal and social interaction skills will probably be advantageous.

Build leadership skills - While working on managerial position it is very important that you’re in a position to control and motivate group of people, therefore you need to build leadership skills. Additionally it is also important to be considered a great team participant so you can turn out to be comfortable inside a team and be able to coordinate & communicate effectively.

Develop corporate awareness and knowledge - While hiring a candidates recruiter not only look for the key qualities like soft skills but they do want application orientation in students. Students rarely understand how the concepts of management are applied in real business scenario during study, as a result there exists a space. So before leaving business school you need to develop understanding of how business run and how you can add value.

It is also important to be updated with latest trends of the field so keep on doing courses to update your knowledge. Keep updating and refreshing your knowledge through peer learning. Participate in all kinds of group activities like group case studies, simulations, industry orientation and inter- college academic and extra-curricular competitions.

Choose right internship/placements - During MBA study, internship is the only chance for students where you can showcase your skills by converting into performance, also at the same time you learn about a industry and its operations in detail. So ensure that you select a reputed/good company for internship in the same profile or industry you intent to work in future. You should focus on job description/job content rather bothering other thing.

Pursuing an MBA is itself prestigious and an essential choice in its own right. While pursuing an MBA programme if we become a bit more careful with regards to the things we do and the choices we make, we could ensure success in the placements.

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