Now MBA in Business Analytics, IBM initiative in India with Galgotia University -

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Now MBA in Business Analytics, IBM initiative in India with Galgotia University

A leading technology provider IBM with Galgotia University has come up in India with an MBA programme in Business Analytics. For the very first time in India IBM has partnered with a University to work on Management Studies programme while earlier under the Career Education for Business Transformation (CEBT) program, IBM opened 7 IBM Business Analytics Labs till now with different leading B-Schools. 

Business analytics (BA) refers to the skills, technologies, applications and practices for continuous iterative exploration and investigation of past business performance to gain insight and drive business planning. - Definition by Wikipedia

The particular MBA programme in Business Analytics aims to enable organizations build quality skilled resources in areas of managerial decision making and strategy. The curriculum of the programme will be created and delivered collectively by both GU faculty and experts from IBM with regard to better industry alignment. It will cover appropriate areas of general management and courses on descriptive and predictive analytics, data mining, big data and financial planning. 

"Given the large amounts of new data created every single minute, analytics skills are no longer just a requirement for the IT professional, they are becoming increasingly important for businesses as well" as the statement said by IBM. 

A report from McKinsey & Co shows that there will be a shortage of talent in the big data analysis process. If statistics to be followed, by 2018, the US on it's own could might be in need of 1,40,000 to 1,90,000 people with strong analytical skills as well as 1.5 million managers and analysts to make effective decision in business. 

As statement says “With the MBA Programme in analytics, students will be able to help their employers gain better customer insights, manage risk, and financial metrics more effectively, and help strive for unique market differentiation”.

I believe considering all these this programme will be productive to create a group of management personnel having expertise in data analysis.

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