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Friday, March 29, 2013

Best Mobile Apps for MBA Students

In my earlier post "Secrets for MBA students for getting jobs using job portals" you are advised to cultivate certain skill set, as they will serve you as you grow in your career. I believe as business student you should be well-organized and must have knowledge to rule the world. It sounds like a lot to manage but a little help from your smartphone can make it all possible effortlessly.

Mobile apps enables student engage with content in interacting ways, discover information in an instant, access, share and manage their studies. Apps are powerful new ways to enhance learning for MBA students right at their fingertips. These apps offer MBA students a wide range of opportunities including business news, scheduling tasks and planning. Making use of these apps to stay organized, study, and an even get smarter about the economics and politics of the world is sensible and strategic move. Here are some apps that will make your life as a MBA student run a little easy:

Google Docs: Google Docs is a free app for the Android that allows the user to create a variety of documents from essays to complex spreadsheets. Housed online, your documents are available for editing wherever you are and can easily be shared with fellow students.

Best Mobile Apps for MBA Students
Evernote: Evernote offers a host of organization-focused apps that work across multiple devices including your PC, Mac, Android, iPad, iPhone, Blackberry, or tablet. Evernote has both free and premium-level apps.

Document Scanner: What can be much easier than just scanning necessary info from books or magazines like a note? All you need to do is just scan, save PDF file to you device, or email it to your friends if necessary.

Magical Ipad: Great app that build outlines, mind maps, take notes, organize ideas, prioritize actions and shares your thoughts seamlessly.

iStudiez Pro: Studiez Pro is a universal app designed to help b-school students easily keep track of schedules, assignments, exams and grades by providing planning tools, assignment notifications, grade/GPA tracking features and

Quickgraph: Quick Graph plots high quality 2D and 3D mathematical expressions. Graphs can be shaded with custom colors and in 3D the lighting is enabled to demonstrate the depth of the surface.

Cram: Cram is the ultimate study buddy app. Create flashcards and practice tests to mastering difficult coursework. This app is available in the Mac app store, plus a free trial version is available as well. Though it’s a bit more expensive than most apps, it is worth the investment.

GoToMeeting: GoToMeeting is an ideal tool for virtual web conferences and meetings. This app serves as a great mode of communication for fellow business school. You can discuss assignments and collaborate with fellow peers from your computer or phone.

The Economist: The Economist is a world leader in global politics, science, technology, and financial news. Articles are available for reading or in audio format for each week’s publication in this news-centric app. This is subscription-based app is available across multiple platforms.

Forbes for iPad: The Forbes for the iPad is the essential tool for those who want to prepare for a career in business. The app includes a list of the 400 richest Americans with up-to-date information on how they got there and how they have influenced our national economy.

Bloomberg: Bloomberg Mobile delivers market and general news, stock prices and charts, a portfolio function, market data and analysis.

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