Project Report on study of absenteeism in a Bank -

Monday, March 4, 2013

Project Report on study of absenteeism in a Bank

This project report "Study of Absenteeism in Bank" aims at identifying level of absenteeism among employees in the organization also to examining the rate of absenteeism of employees in the bank. This project report extend effort to identify the various reasons of absenteeism through questionnaire and suggest remedial measures to control absenteeism rate.

Absenteeism in Workplace
Absenteeism is major factor that affects the growth of an organization, and it is not a new phenomenon for the banks in India. If the person employed is absent for few days then the management has to take severe action regarding this problem. So management has to go for recruitment of suitable employees. Substitute workers and such workers are to be well trained, because of this, management are to insure expenditure on it. Absenteeism is a serious problem for management because it involves heavy additional expenses. The project report also suggest some measures such as incentives, employee engagement programme etc. to reduce the rate of absenteeism.

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