Secrets for MBA students for getting jobs using job portals -

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Secrets for MBA students for getting jobs using job portals

MBA students often discover networking with job consultancies and current employees of potential employer as probably one of essential, so far the best beneficial reference for their employment prospect. However job portals have been proved as effective source for landing a job to graduates. MBA students should know how the job seeking profile should be designed to assist them in identifying through the pool of MBA’s to increase the chances of landing a job. Review these tips to ensure your job search is on the right track.
Fix right keywords: Functional skills, designation, relevant qualifications and experience, are always considered as important key words and recruiters identify candidates online simply by searching specific keywords which are relevant to their job requirement. For example if you’re specialized in purchase you should add words like Purchase, Procurement, Material HandlingSupply chain management (SCM), Vendor Negotiation etc. in your job seeking profile. You can research right keywords through viewing various requirement posted by employers in job portals or newspapers. 

Complete profile: Usually students just fill the mandatory fields. You should always complete your profile 100% as it would provide you more chance to get a call fast. For this you need to fill out all given fields. 

Be specific and accurate: Don't be all over, choose you preferences honestly considering where you have interest, knowledge and experience. You need to review what you’re looking for in a job, what you're best at, what you’re looking to do and the way are you going to advantage a company. 

Highlight differences: Be sure to highlight the difference you have from others. If you have traits, and experience relevant to the position for which you are applying ensure to include it in your profile. 

Always be reachable: I guess none of us worry about being inundated by recruiters, so ensure all your contact details are updated whether your mobile or land-line numbers, or email. 

Keep on updating: Often update your profile and resumes, irrespective of how small it is. Ensure to make changes regularly to keep your resume active and on the top searches made by recruiters.

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