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Saturday, May 18, 2013

Evaluation of recruiting through internal sources

Hiring through internal recruitment sources is less expensive and also faster method to recruit for an organization. Nevertheless there are also negative associated with internal recruitment. Internal sources of recruitment both have positive and negative side as well. So, let us evaluate and discuss advantage and disadvantage of internal recruiting sources:

Advantage of recruiting through internal sources:

1. Hiring internally are usually easy, quick and cheap as organization saves time and money on hiring recruitment agencies and advertisements to look for people.

2. In internal recruitment it is easier to access applicants because more information can be acquired.

3. You hire people with excellent expertise and comprehension of organization business and culture.

4. It keeps employees moral high and leads them to be motivated on the job. 

Disadvantage of recruiting through internal sources:

1. Recruitment through internal sources limits the number of new applicants and ideas or fresh prospectives to be introduced in organization.

2. It may affect the current work of candidates and can cause indignation amongst candidates not appointed. 

3. It leads to another opportunity created in an organization which is also needed to be filled. 

4. More politics, more infighting for promotion and more expectations.

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