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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Four key components of services | Service Marketing

In service marketing elements such as ownership of physical goods and intangibility undoubtedly perform a critical role in maintaining successful and a happy customer. Services also have four key components: 

Physical product - This service component refers to anything which is transferred to the customer that can be touched. It is physical and can be touched. Ex. Clothes, Mobiles 

Service product - It is an important component for any service. It refers to service or performance received by the customer during customer service. It is an experience received in the service encounter associated with physical product. 

Service Environment – It refers the ambience and physical environment in which a service is offered. The appearance of the physical surroundings performs a critical role in maintaining successful service encounter. 

Service delivery – It refers to the internal process and flow of events which takes place in delivering a service. It consist customer interactions with operations and other customers.

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