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Monday, June 3, 2013

Evaluation of recruiting through external sources

Under recruiting through external sources organization looks candidates from outside as their prospective employees. Often external recruitment involve when an organization is expanding and required skilled or experience employees. Hiring through external sources has merits and limitations unlike internal sources. So, let us evaluate and discuss advantage and disadvantage of external recruiting sources.

Advantage of recruiting through external sources:

Larger pool of talent - External recruitment provides an opportunity for organization to obtain among greater pool of talent and more choices as number of applicants are usually higher, 

New prospectives and talent - It allows inflow of new talent that brings fresh prospectives, ideas and outlook which enhance organization's ability and makes more dynamic. 

Cheaper and faster - External hiring is more cost-affective and rapid when an organization is in demand of skilled employees as they carry prior experience of assignment.

Less favouritism - As the candidates are new and without any pre-conceived notion, consequently there exist  a less chance of favouritism or inclination. 

Disadvantage of recruiting through external sources:

Longer orientation period - Employees hired through external ways may required more time to adjust and longer orientation period as they are not familiar with the polices and procedures.

High risk of misplacement - Usually candidates does not meet the potential shown during selection process when operate in jobs, so it involves high risk when compared to internal recruitment. 

Affect employee moral and increase their turnover - Hiring through external sources affect employee moral and increase their turnover as they think they have no opportunity to progress and also they are more compatible to candidates hired from outside.

Time consuming - Usually external recruitment time consuming since is required verification check and other formalities also.

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