Work experience or MBA degree: Is one more valuable than the other? -

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Work experience or MBA degree: Is one more valuable than the other?

The business world is appeared to be growing and gets to be more dynamic consistently, what matters most when it comes to getting a job? Whether an “MBA" provides higher possibilities of climbing up the corporate ladder than "work experience" does? Can experience frame for the absence of a degree, or does a degree provides something that experience cannot?

Work experience or MBA degree

An "MBA degree" for ages has been recommended as the biggest way to get rewarding careers and speedily rise aloft the corporate ladder also employer prefers individuals with MBA degree. As they associate characteristics with people who have degrees i.e. analytical skills, ability to understand business processes & problems, and good interpersonal skills.

MBA is a degree that has maintained an unbroken pace with these changes to provide students an upgraded overview of what it takes to make it in the industry today. Employer required effective decision-makers therefore opportunities are provided to students to gain real-time experience through internships and live projects, which expand their perspective. 

Work Experience v/s MBA Degree
Management education aside from giving the best standards of business educational even provides familiarity with business values and ethics to inculcate a high sense of responsibility and integrity among students.

"MBA programs" have addressed the requirement of employer as the courses are prepared keeping with the industry demand, but the bitter truth is that the simplest lessons for staying on top cannot be learned in air-conditioned rooms of a B-school. It will solely be learned by experiences one gains on the job. What really help you to grow is being aware of the pitfalls and advantages of the organization and developing foolproof ideas that facilitate the organization grow.

An MBA degree provide systematic acquisition and understanding of business management and knowledge for those with business or non-business but it is industry experience that translates theoretical knowledge into practice. Key profiles or leadership roles, however, call for skills that can be acquired only through work experience. MBA degree is used as a primary measure of intelligence, and provides a quick scrutiny. This works for entry-level positions, or for those requiring specialized skills.

An MBA degree does result in lower unemployment rates, but key positions require qualifications and abilities beyond degrees which indeed come from experience.

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