Marketing Management Notes -

Marketing Management Notes

In this blog you will get MBA Marketing Management Notes and MBA Projects for Students. Marketing refer as a system of business activities designed to plan, price, promote and distribute want satisfying goods and services to target markets, in order to achieve organizational objectives. The aim of MBA Notes on Marketing Management is to provide students with an understanding of important topics and concepts of Marketing to secure good scores in their exams.

Since Marketing is an important subject in MBA program, so here we are presenting you some Quick notes on Marketing. After reading these study notes you would be able to learn Meaning and Importance of Marketing, different concepts of Marketing and Modern Marketing concepts.

Selling vs Marketing

Nature, Scope and Function of Marketing
Evolution of Marketing - Four eras of the evolution of marketing
Introduction of Marketing
Major Types of Business Buying Situations
Major Participants in Business Buying Process
Stages in the Organizational Buying Process
Differences between industrial market and Consumer Market
Explain STP in Marketing - What is segmentation?
Major Types of Market Positioning strategies
Factor that affects the Product Mix
Types of Product Classification
Major Types of Product Mix Strategies
Explain STP in Marketing - Market Targeting
Basis for Segmenting Consumer Markets
Explain Industrial Buying Behavior
Major Types of Buying Situations
Participants in Business Buying Process
Stages in Organization Buying Process
Factor that affect Industrial Buying Behavior
Explain The Marketing Research Process
Characteristics affecting Consumer Behavior
Stages of the Buying Decision Process
Company Orientation toward the Marketplace
The Marketing Environment - Micro and Macro
Objective of Marketing Information System

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