Production and Operations Management Notes -

Production and Operations Management Notes

Here we are providing MBA Notes on Production and Operation Management. These Study Notes on Production and Operation Management (POM) will guide you through concepts and aspects of Production. 
In this blog you will get Free Production and Operations Management Notes for MBA students. You can get study material about Production and Operation Management related to different topics. All organizations involves in production of goods and services deals with these concepts sooner or later.

We have provided related topics in a slightly different order than the book. It helps you out to get the cover all the subjects and their corresponding topics that you are going to study in MBA.

Main Objectives Of Production Planning

PPC (Production Planning and Control)

Facility Location Planning

Production Planning and Control (PPC)

Functions of Production Planning and Control (PPC)

Factors affecting Facility Location Planning

Function of Stores

Re-order Level Inventory

Functions and Duties of Storekeeper

Aim & Objectives of Production Control

Introduction of Store Management

Steps involved in purchasing process

Principle of Purchasing

Introduction of Purchasing

Inventory Control Techniques

EOQ (Economic Order Quantity)

Inventory Control

ABC Analysis

Inventory Control - Objectives, Benefits

Classification of Inventories

Inventory Types

Basics of Inventory Management

Material Planning functions and objectives

Direct and Indirect Material

Assembly Line Balancing

Material Planning Control

Scope and Functions of Material

Basics of Material Management

Types of Material

Work System Design

Job design and Work measurement

Components of Operation Scheduling

Operation Scheduling

Types of Facility Capacity

Tips to increasing effective capacity

Steps in Facility Capacity Planning

Production Planning and Control

Steps Involved in Assembly Line Balancing

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